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A Boomer in Kenya

A Cuso Volunteer Experience in the 1960s

by Donald Houston
Corner Studio

Following on the success of A Boomer in Lachine: Growing Up in the 1950s, Don Houston’s new book, A Boomer in Kenya: A Cuso Volunteer Experience in the 1960s describes his two years as a volunteer teacher in Kenya. Having recently married and graduating with his B.A., he arrived in Kenya just before his 21st birthday in August 1967. It was an exciting time: social conventions and cultural norms were changing, “free love” was in the air, and the Beatles had taken over popular music. On the world stage, African nations were achieving their independence and needed teachers to help augment their education systems. They welcomed support from volunteer organizations such as the Peace Corps and Cuso. Although his descriptions of a volunteer’s life are from 50 years ago, readers will still enjoy his observations of Kenya, African customs, and coping with every day life in a secondary school in the middle of Africa.

Portrait of Donald Houston

How can I get a copy?

A signed copy of this book is available directly from the author by contacting him at boomerinlachine@gmail.com. Cost: $15.00 if picked up by the purchaser or delivered by the author in the West Island area; $20.00 if mailed to any address within Canada.

It is also available at the following stores for $14.99 plus tax: (This price is better than $14.95 as it doesn’t mean giving back 5 cents.)

Tabagie Reveries (Newspaper store near Dollarama)
Dorval Gardens Shopping Centre
352 Avenue Dorval
Dorval, QC H9S 3H8

Babar Bookstore
46 Avenue Ste Anne
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4P8

Clio Bookstore
Plaza Pointe-Claire
261 St. Jean
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J1

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